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STAY COSY THIS WINTER AND GET SHIPPING ON US :) FREE UK mainland shipping on orders over £60
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Choosing a Sleeping Bag


Sleeping bags are perfect to stop more active little ones kicking off the covers during the night, as well as keeping baby warm & snuggly during night time changes & feeds.

Ideal for…

  • Keeping babies at just right the right temperature all night long
  • Making it harder for babies to try to climb out of the cot
  • Giving plenty of room to kick & wriggle, but perfect to stop baby’s feet getting stuck in the cot bars
  • A great bedtime routine to create a familiar, secure environment even when away from home


Choosing a Size…

tullibee sleeping bag size guide, age weight height

Tullibee sleeping bags have been developed & tested to meet the current British standards relating to sizing, in particular the neck size.   They have been developed to ensure babies cannot slip down inside & risk overheating, when the sleeping bags are fastened correctly.

As with all other tullibee products we have also ensured there are no lopped labels, & all labels have super soft edges so no opportunity for tiny fingers or toes to get tangled up or scratched.


Tog Information….

All tullibee sleeping bags are tested to be 1 tog & are ideal to be used in rooms of 18 – 23°C

 But firstly, what is tog?  

Tog describes the warmth or ‘thermal resistance’ of a product, something you will probably be familiar with in the UK on your duvet.   The higher the tog value, the warmer the sleeping bag.  

Babies & toddlers can’t adapt to temperature change in the same way that adults can, & babies under 12 months have even more difficulty regulating their own temperature.   We have tog tested our sleeping bags to the relevant British standards to help you make the best decisions about the correct way to use them.


tullibee temperature & sleeping bag safe layers guide

Click here for more safe sleep advice.



      • Tullibee sleeping bags are only intended for use in a cot or cot bed
      • They are intended to be used without additional bedding (please see the what to wear guide above)
      • Please ensure you choose the correct size & do not use the sleeping bag if the child’s head can pass through the neck opening when the product is fastened for use
      • Please check fastenings regularly & stop using any items immediately if any poppers or fastenings are damaged