Why Lambswool?


Well, I LOVE it!!

Oh, ok I guess you want more specific reasons than that, ok here goes…

Since some of the products in the tullibee range can be used with babies & toddlers I am committed to using 100% natural fibres, as well as ensuring that anything used throughout processing meet the strictest guidelines.   

All tullibee knitted blankets & cushions are produced from 100% pure new Lambswool, spun here in the UK by a factory that has well over 200 years of spinning expertise.    The yarns are then sent to a small manufacturer in Ayrshire, Scotland to be knitted into our exclusively designed tullibee products.   This manufacturer has been knitting traditional headwear & accessories for over 170 years – so I know I am working with the absolute best manufacturers & materials!!


Wool is naturally breathable…

Wool has some pretty magical characteristics that in my opinion makes it far superior to anything synthetic.   Firstly, thanks to its natural climate control properties, wool is cool when it's hot, and warm when it's not!

In contrast to synthetic fibres, wool is an active fibre that reacts to changes in the body’s temperature.    Wool is a natural insulator, keeping you warm in winter and being naturally breathable, keeping you cool in summer.   The magic bit…. wool therefore helps to keep your body in the optimal temperature zone for comfort and rest.  

Babies & toddlers can’t adapt to temperature change in the same way that adults can & babies under 12 months have even more difficulty regulating their own temperature.   So, wool offers them the perfect temperature regulation and comfort whatever the weather.   YAY!!


Its naturally anti-bacterial, anti-allergenic & odour resistant.

Thanks to the way wool repels moisture but also let's some pass through its structure without trapping it, there is little chance for nasty moisture loving microbes to live & grow.   So, as well as keeping skin dryer, the unique structure of wool prevents the build-up of sweat, bacteria, unpleasant smells & all that other yukky stuff! 

Wool doesn’t generate static which attracts dust & dirt & so those with allergies related to house or dust mites will benefit from wools' anti-allergenic properties too.   

With a natural protective layer, wool fibres also resist spills & stains, with the dirt sitting on the surface of the fibres, meaning it can be cleaned more easily. 

Oh & it also dries quickly.  

Clever stuff hey?    


Its naturally flame retardant.

Wool has unique fire-resistant properties, so it is super safe!   Unlike synthetics which can melt & stick to skin, wool has self-extinguishing properties, meaning flames will just go out.


It’s durable!

Tests have shown that wool fibres resist tearing and breakage more than any other fibres. Wool products will last for years & years (if given a bit of ), so can be passed down through generations to come.


It’s 100% natural, renewable & biodegradable….

Every year sheep produce a new fleece, using a simple blend of natural ingredients; water, air, sunshine & grass.   This makes wool a completely renewable fibre, that grows back year after year!   As well as being a natural resource that is sustainable & renewable, when wool is finally disposed of, it will naturally decompose in soil in a matter of months or years, releasing valuable nutrients back into the earth.  So being biodegradable it won’t contribute to the ever-growing problem of landfill.

So, a natural wool product is working really really hard to keep us all safe & comfortable!!    


So, what’s not to LOVE??    

You may still be thinking that Lambswool is not the easiest fabric to wash, but hopefully you can now see that it doesn’t require frequent washing.  

Whilst there are easy-care machine washable wools available, many of these wools have been treated with various chemicals to make them easy-care.   Wanting to avoid this chemical usage on tullibee products, easy-care wool isn’t an option at the moment, but I will continue to keep my eyes peeled, for something that meets this strict criteria.  

If you want more information on caring for your Lambswool product, please see this helpful guide here.


Woolmark Certification

Working with specialist manufacturers who are active Woolmark licensees, means I can confidently provide assurances of fibre content & quality.   Products carrying the Woolmark brand are subject to The Woolmark Company’s high quality standards, which are backed up by rigorous Woolmark test methods.

These cover 4 areas of performance;

  • Wool content
  • Physical properties related to wear performance
  • Colour fastness
  • Dimensional stability

As well as this the yarns are produced & certified to Oeko-Tex 100 Standard, product class II, ensuring that they meet all human ecological requirements for products with direct contact to skin.   The lovely people at Oeko-Tex & REACH* have also confirmed that all the ingredients used to dye the wool into these beautiful bright colours comply to their strict guidelines, so no nasties in the woollen yarn & no nasties going into the environment & we end up with super stunning colours to knit into fabulous products.   

Another tick in the box for lambswool & another reason it makes me very happy!!


& the final Lambswool products...

All the knitted lambswool products are hand finished at tullibee towers, either adding labels or making knitted panels into cushion covers.   All products are given that final bit of love before going off to their new homes….

I feel lambswool has so so much going for it.   It truly is magical & with all those qualities, plus it’s better for the environment…..& of course I absolutely promise only to work with happy sheep for tullibee products 

I am also really pleased to be supporting HRH Prince of Wales, Campaign for Wool & in turn by buying one of our lambswool blankets or cushions you are doing so too & thus helping the rural economy.

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For more information about The Campaign for Wool click here, or Woolmark click here