Made in Britain


With more & more of the range being handmade to order by me, you can definitely be sure it is made right here in the UK, Manchester to be exact!!

I'm soooo enormously proud to be able to say that pretty much all materials used to manufacture the tullibee range are British made - I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I can also assure you that anything that I don’t currently do myself is also truly British, from the Bold & Beautiful patterns, I’ve designed in Manchester being printed on the super-soft organic cotton interlock & woven cotton fabrics in the Midlands, to all the printed blankets sewn in North Wales & the luxurious & cosy soft lambswool blankets knitted in Scotland & of course not forgetting all the other products that are sewn by me, at tullibee towers.   The only stumbling block was getting fabulous cotton fabrics from the UK, this has been really tough!   So, for now I am working directly with a wonderful supplier in Portugal for most of this - if cotton would grow in our slightly cooler climate then maybe this would be easier!! 

Right from the initial glimmer of an idea, developing the tullibee range in the UK was a must.   Having worked closely with many good & a few bad factories over the years, you soon realise that you are only as good as the people you work with.   I knew it wouldn’t be an easy choice to manufacture in the UK, but also knew when I found the right partners it would be so rewarding.

With incredibly high standards for quality, safety & attention to detail it is imperative that our manufacturers can rise to the challenge.   So, I only work with suppliers who know their stuff – experts in their fields to get all the little details just right – people I trust to do a great job!

Tullibee products are never going to be the cheapest because I want to offer a small & perfectly formed range of products that are beautiful, sustainable & locally produced & that doesn't come cheap. 

A whole lot of money could be saved if I were to manufacture overseas but the benefits of easier communication, better visibility, accessibility & supporting UK manufacturing far outweigh any potential savings in my eyes.   I am confident that the quality will speak for itself & when you buy a tullibee product you will see the difference. 

Knowing where absolutely everything is from, is a must for tullibee & manufacturing in the UK makes this possible.    Being able to visit all partner factories at the drop of a hat, working with them to develop the best products for you the customer & then knowing 100% of the range is being manufactured in the UK makes me do regular jumps for joy!   I am therefore a very proud member of the Made in Britain organisation.  

In a very very small way I know I am supporting UK businesses & helping to bring a little more textile manufacturing back to Britain.

On a very personal note, there is something so exciting about being able to work closely with the printing, knitting & sewing experts on a daily basis & I am very lucky to have a fantastic relationship with each & every one.   I also get to enjoy the development & making process, sewing a large proportion of the range myself, I know the exact attention to detail that has gone into each & every piece.   I hope it is just as rewarding for my customers to buy products that are locally produced & handmade with such care.