Sleep Safety Advice for Little Ones


Safety is always one of my biggest priorities when developing products, but as well as making sure all products are safe & meet the relevant regulations it is also important that they are used in the right way.

Below I have put together some general safe sleep advice if using any tullibee products with little ones….     


General Safe Sleep Advice

Great progress has been made in identifying the factors that play a part in sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), which is more commonly known as cot death.   The following is the advice given by the lullaby trust, based on strong scientific evidence.   As well as more general advice for keeping baby safe & using tullibee products, to give you greater piece of mind..



  • Always place baby on their back to sleep, it is also recommended that the ‘feet to foot’ position is used
  • Keep your baby smoke free during pregnancy & after birth
  • Try to breastfeed your baby, if you can
  • Place your baby in a separate Moses basket or crib in the same room as you for the first 6 months
  • Use a firm, flat, waterproof mattress in good clean condition
  • Make sure that any bedding is a snug fit to the crib or cot bed & used correctly.
  • Ensure that any gaps between the side & end of the cot & the edge of the mattress are no more than 4cm, to avoid the risk of little arms & legs getting caught
  • Check fastenings regularly & stop using any items immediately if any poppers or fastenings are damaged.
  • Seek medical advice at once if your little one is unwell



  • Sleep on a sofa or in an armchair with your baby
  • Sleep in the same bed as your baby if you have been drinking alcohol, smoking, taking medication or drugs, which make you drowsy, or if you feel unwell or tired
  • Cover your baby’s face or head whilst sleeping or use loose bedding
  • Let your baby get too hot
  • Put baby to sleep in direct sunlight, near a radiator or other heat source
  • To avoid accidents, remove all pillows, soft bedding, cot bumpers & soft toys from the cot or crib.  All cushions offered in the tullibee range are intended for decorative use only & should NEVER be used in a crib or cot.

Remember the safest place for your baby for the first 6 months is a separate Moses basket, crib or cot in your room


For more advice & information you should talk to your midwife or health visitor, or for more advice from the lullaby trust click here.     


Feet to Foot Sleeping Position

This is the recommended sleeping position for babies, so that they cannot shuffle down under the covers.

  tullibee feet to foot safe sleeping position

Room Temperature & How Much Bedding to Use?

It is important to make sure baby's room is a comfortable temperature, so not too hot & not too cold.   The ideal temperature recommended is between 16°C & 20° C.   

It is also important to use the right combination of bedding.   It is recommended you use a combination of sheets & blankets, so layers can be added or removed.   Remember, a blanket or coverlet doubled over counts as two layers.


tullibee temperature & bedding safe layers guide

Always keep an eye on baby’s temperature – do not let them get too hot.