What's so special about tullibee Organic Cotton Interlock?


I have been committed to using organic cotton for as many tullibee products as possible right from the start.   It certainly hasn't been the easiest option, but I've always known it's the right one.

So, any tullibee products made from our premium quality printed cotton interlock are made using a knitted fabric produced from 100% organic cotton yarn.   The base fabric is one of the only things to come from outside the UK, (& not through lack of trying to source here in Britain!) but I have been extra careful to partner with a specialist knitting factory in Portugal to develop a fabric that has a beautiful softness & comfort (even after washing) & of course great durability.   High quality is always the priority!   

Knitted to withstand the rough & tumble of everyday life, but also ensure you or your little one sleeps comfortably & dreams safely.   

A common knitted construction; interlock is often confused with single jersey knits.   The difference is that an interlock knit, is a fabric that looks the same both sides, with both sides having a smooth appearance, unlike jersey where the front & back look slightly different due to the stitches.   This means that interlock can often feel thicker & more luxurious but importantly is also more stable than a standard single jersey knit.   

You know how your t-shirts sometimes twist out of shape when washed?   Interlock knits are more stable & much much less likely to do this, so ideal for items that will be in & out of the wash!!  


GOTS & Oeko-Tex

Using only organic cotton yarn to create these fabrics, I know I am doing my best for the environment as well as these fabrics being kinder to wear on delicate skin.   The fibre & fabric production is certified by GOTS, the Global Organic Textile Standard.   A worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres including ecological & social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the supply chain.     

  • Organic cotton is grown naturally without the use of synthetic harmful pesticides, so are better for people & the planet - absolutely no nasties used in the growing process
  • Organic cotton farming is good for farmers & the environment 
  • By comparison, conventional farming methods use a ridiculous amount of toxic chemicals to produce crops faster & cheaper, but the chemicals stay on the land & run into waterways
  • Organic cotton fabrics are kinder to wear on delicate skin & much less likely to trigger allergies

 The fabric is also produced & certified to Oeko-Tex 100 standard, product class 1, ensuring that the fabric meets all ecological requirements for baby articles , (this is the most onerous product class) since the fabrics may be used next to the most sensitive of delicate skin. 


so how are the fabrics so BOLD & colourful...

Well, as with the rest of the process, I have ensured that anything used throughout printing meets the strictest guidelines.   Once the raw knitted fabric arrives here in the UK it goes off to be digitally printed in the midlands.   As well as digital printing being a less wasteful print process (only using as much ink as is needed to create the design vs traditional screen print methods), I can print exactly the right amounts of fabrics needed - no long runs.   And using non-toxic digital printing inks gives a super soft & vibrant finish as well as keeping those wonderful colours bright when washed.   YAY!

Don't worry all the ingredients used in ALL the processing have been checked & the lovely people at GOTS, Oeko-Tex & REACH* have confirmed these all comply to their strict guidelines, so no nasties in the fabrics & no nasties going into the environment & we end up with BOLD & beautiful prints to make into fabulous products.   

Phew!   That makes me very happy!!       


& the final fabric...

The knitted construction of interlock creates a soft stretchy fabric, perfect for being super comfortable & giving a great fit whilst keeping its shape throughout use.  

Cotton is also breathable & very absorbent unlike synthetics, mostly due to the construction of the lovely fibres, in fact it is super strong when wet!   

But shrinkage can be one downside of 100% knitted cotton fabrics.   So, I have worked hard to ensure shrinkage is kept as low as possible - promise!    And since it's well known that cotton interlock will shrink, this has been taken into account with the generous product sizing. 



  GOTS Global Organic Textile Standard Logo          Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Logo


(* REACH regulations - Registration Evaluation, Authorisation & restriction of CHemicals that's a mouthful, but basically another set of important guidelines that cover anything that could affect human health & the environment) 


For more information on GOTS click here.

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