Other Cotton Fabrics used...


As well as the knitted cotton interlock used for many of the tullibee products, I also use woven cotton fabrics such as the beautiful heavyweight 100% cotton fabric that is printed for the cushion covers & pouches.

Currently this is standard cotton & not organic, (which does make me a little bit sad tbh), so I am working hard behind the scenes to find an organic cotton version.   However, the great news is that this fabric is digitally printed using the latest technology, so waste is limited during the print process (only using as much ink as is needed to create the design vs traditional screen print methods).   The digital print process also allows exactly the right amounts of fabrics needed, to be printed.   And using non-toxic digital print inks gives a super soft & vibrant print finish as well as keeping those wonderful colours bright when washed.   

Don't worry all the ingredients used in the printing journey have been checked & the lovely people at GOTS, Oeko-Tex & REACH* have confirmed these all comply to their strict guidelines, so no nasties going into the fabrics & no nasties going into the environment during the printing process & we end up with BOLD & beautiful prints to make into fabulous products.   

Happiness all round!!



(* REACH regulations - Registration Evaluation, Authorisation & restriction of CHemicals that's a mouthful, but basically another set of important guidelines that cover anything that could affect human health & the environment) 

For more information on GOTS click here.

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