What's my Ring Size?

Our rings are available in 5 sizes: small, medium, large, X-large & XX-large.

If you happen to know your UK ring size, then you are in luck, you can use the table below to work out which size will fit you best  

Whilst you want a snug fit on your finger, always remember to take into account that the ring needs to slide over your knuckle too!

Note: tullibee rings have a wide ring band (approx. 6-8mm) therefore it is always suggested that if you are unsure or between sizes that you go up a size as the wider band will always make the ring feel tighter, but also give a more secure fit.


Top TipThe best time of day to measure your finger is in the evening when you'll find you fingers are at their largest.  

Please also take into account if your hands are cold as this could affect the result by as much as half a size!


 tullibee ring size comparison chart

tullibee ring inner circumference & diameter diagrams


Finding your perfect ring size is all about measuring your finger (as you would expect!)…     

 You will need:

  • Your hand!!!
  • A strip of paper (no wider than 8mm is ideal) or a piece of string (although bear in mind string may stretch)
  • Sticky tape
  • A ruler (or tape measure)
  • Something to write the measurement down with
  • Oh & a friend on hand to help will make it so much easier, but is not essential    

So, let's get measuring...

Step 1:  It may be obvious, but first step is to decide which finger you wish to wear the ring on as the band is not adjustable it needs to fit

Step 2:  Wrap the paper around your finger & pop some tape on the overlap to hold in place whist you check you are comfortable (bear in mind sliding it over your knuckle too at this stage!)

Step 3:  Cut the paper off your finger & measure the length on a ruler, make a note of the measurement

Step 4:  The measurement you have taken will give you the circumference required for your ring

Step 5:  Compare this measure with the circumference measurements on the size table above & choose your required size from the options available.


Don't forget to add the correct size to your ring order!!