who makes tullibee knitted blankets & cushions?



i made your blanket fashion revolution week


With this week being fashion revolution week I have been encouraging you to ask the question #whomademyclothes & demand greater transparency in the fashion & textiles supply chain.

I rely on our UK manufacturers to keep this small business running & I totally love the fact that I can visit the people who manufacture tullibee products really easily.   It is great to be able to put a face to a name, to see the experts at work, all the details that go into making something that often we don’t ever think about, as well as see the passion & care that goes into making a beautiful product.   But, as well as all of this, knowing who makes tullibee products means that I can be certain that each & every one of the people involved are working in an environment that is safe & comfortable, they are being treated well & paid a fair wage.  

All tullibee knitted products are designed in Manchester & then sampled & knitted by a small Scottish mill that has been knitting the finest quality traditional headwear & accessories for over 170 years.


Here are some pics of a handful of the amazing people who help to make all tullibee knitted blankets & cushions….

I made your cushion, nursery decor, 

Laurence, knitting technician & maker of tullibee cushion panels


I made your blanket, nursery decor, baby blanket

 George, knitting technician & maker of tullibee blankets


Both Laurence & George are super knowledgeable about everything knitting, with each having served their apprenticeships in the knitwear industry with local Scottish knitwear manufacturers when they left school.   Giving each of them a whopping 40+ years of experience.  

They each use their skills to programme the machines, firstly for samples & then overseeing our small production runs, ensuring that everything runs, or more accurately knits smoothly.     Thanks Guys!!


finishing tullibee blankets, baby blanket

 Elizabeth, hand sewer of tullibee blankets & cushion panels


blanket pressing, baby blanket

Lyndsey, presser & finisher of tullibee blankets & cushion panels


Once knitted, the panels go over to the sewing department where Elizabeth carefully hand stitches any loose ends to ensure they are neat & secure before going into the washer.    Elizabeth has been in the knitting & textile industry since she was 16, now with 45 years experience you certainly won’t get a better finish.   Elizabeth’s other passion is music, having been a member of the operatic society & in a number of choirs over the years.   Singing while you sew – what better way to spend your working day     

Lyndsey has the hottest job of steaming all the panels, making sure everything finishes with neat straight edges & to the correct size.   Quite a nice job in the winter but can be a bit hot & sticky in the summer!!   But an essential part of getting the products spot on & looking fabulous!


I made your cushion, nursery decor, tullibee founder, baby bedding, baby blanket, cushion
Oh & that's me... Bek!          HELLO!! 
The final piece of the puzzle….well & the starting point I guess!    I am the person behind tullibee as well as the one that finishes off the blankets by adding the labels & sewing the cushion panels into covers (amongst a whole load of other things!!).   It's not often you will get to see my face as I don't really enjoy having my photo taken, I'd rather be stuck into being creative!!    
I am a Bristolian living in Manchester & loving being an honorary northerner!   I have been a buyer/product developer for nearly 20 years, mostly bringing baby & kids products to market & now tullibee is my baby.

I know who makes all tullibee products & I think it is important to share this information & celebrate all the wonderfully talented people involved.  

At tullibee we love beautiful products, but we think it is super important that the making of our products doesn't exploit people or destroy the planet.   Demanding better quality products, that affords a better quality of life to the people who make them is a step in the right direction. 

As consumers we have the power to change how we shop & where we shop.


For more information about fashion revolution visit their website by clicking here

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